Fiber laser cutting machine nozzle-Ivy

Fiber laser cutting machine nozzle

As we know, the nozzle is an important part of the cutting head on the fiber laser cutters.

For the nozzles , there are totally two types, single nozzle and double nozzle.

For the different equipment,different metal with different power, it need different type nozzles.

This passage will give some detailed introduction of the nozzles. Hope we can help u.

1.Different fiber laser cutting machine nozzles-Air flow

First of all, the single and double nozzles differs in the air flow.

The air flow of the single nozzle is concentrated, for the double nozzle, it could bypass.

2.When choose nozzle,single or double?

The nozzle selection is concerned with the material.When cut carbon steel with oxygen,we always use double nozzle.When cut stainless steel,we always use single nozzle.The nozzle size is related to the gas and cutting thickness.

3.Nozzle influence the cutting quality?

Choosing Suitable nozzle is also very important to the cutting quality.

The size of nozzles also influence the cutting quality and Perforation quality.If nozzle too big, the protection from focus lens will also be poor.

1)Single nozzle

For the stainless steel and some high-anti material, we equip with the single nozzle.

We know that cutting stainless steel using the Nitrogen gas.

The bigger the air flow,the quicker the cutting speed.

So for the stainless steel cutting, we equip with the single nozzle, the air flow may concentrate.

So achieving the best cutting outcome.

2)Double nozzle

As for the double nozzle, we equip with it for the carbon steel cutting.

For the carbon steel, we must use the oxygen gas to cut.

Double nozzles could achieve the bypassing outcome.

There need the small air flow to cut the carbon steel to achieve the better cutting outcome.

The thicker the material, the smaller the air flow, which is different with the stainless steel cutting.

3).Different size nozzles for fiber laser cutting machine

For the nozzles on the fiber laser cutters, there are different size of the nozzle.


The bigger of the nozzles size, the much of the volume of the gas.

When cut thin metal,we need to use 1.5 nozzle.The cutting surface will be exquisite.If use 2.0 nozzle,the cutting surface will be very rough.

If cut thick metal,and use 1.5 nozzle.cause the gas diffusion area is small,the cutting is not stable.

When use 2.0 nozzle,the gas diffusion area is bigger,the gas flow rate is slow,so the cutting is stable.

For stainless steel,For the thick material, we equip with the big size nozzle.

More questions just let us know.

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