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Fiber laser marking machine tutorial (2)-Wilson

Fiber laser marking machine tutorial (2)

This post is about the fiber laser marking machine tutorial (2)

desktop fiber laser marking machine

1.Shutdown tutorial  fiber laser marking machine tutorial (2):

After the marking is completed, turn off the power of each component in the above order:

Firstly.Set the laser power supply current to a minimum (about 7A);

Secondly.Turn off the computer;

Thirdly.Turn off the galvanometer power;

Fourthly.Press the stop button;

5.Turn off the key switch;

6.Disconnect incoming power.
Normal maintenance of laser marking machine
Firstly. Keep the water clean: Change the water every 20 days on average.

The water tank must be cleaned before the water is changed.Water, distilled water, drinking purified water)
Secondly. It is necessary to check whether the water flow is normal when starting up. (The water pipe must not be broken, and there must be no leakage at the interface)
Thirdly. The circulating water is within a certain temperature range.

(Generally set between 24 ℃ ~ 28 ℃, the indoor temperature is within 30 ℃)

Fourthly, laser, sound switch surface Q switch crystal surface, beam expansion part,must cleaning  focusing lens regularly.

Use a mirror every other month Wipe a piece of paper or cotton ball with a little cleaning solution.

Do not use too much force when wiping.

Fifthly. Grasp the correct operation method of the marking machine.
6. After use, clean and arrange the work surface in time.

7, 6 S management every day after work.

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