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Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry ring

Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry ring. Jewelry rings laser marking is one of the exciting new options available to jewelers

the discovery of the power of laser marking. jewelry rings laser marking.

Then, a clean, environmentally-friendly process that makes no use of chemicals, needs no consumables and works on the basis of non-contact, abrasion-free marking, laser ring marking has given jewelry manufacturers the opportunity to create endless exquisite designs. Laser marking is a simple process managed by world class software, which transforms a plain ring into a uniquely-designed piece of jewelry. jewelry rings laser marking.

Types of Metal-jewelry rings laser marking

Then, jewelry manufacturers use many different types of metal in the creation of rings.

The metals used most commonly for rings are gold, sterling silver and platinum,

stores. Then, gold used for rings varies from pure 24-karat gold down to 9 karat, which is

an alloy containing quantities of silver, copper, nickel and zinc. Stainless steel,

tungsten, brass and copper are find in rings made for costume jewelry and are

usually cast in avante-garde designs.

Marking Method-jewelry rings laser marking

Then, a precision laser marking machine is used for laser ring marking, operating under guidance of sophisticated software programmed with the marks that are to be made on the ring. Each ring is mount on a rotary motion

of the ring to the laser with each turn. Then, the laser works on a controllable pulse

operating at an adjustable rate, which varies from a single pulse to a continuous wave.

The user interface of the EZCAD software is Windows-compatible, and comes

with True Type fonts, 2-D matrix codes, barcodes, vector graphics and images.

jewelry rings laser engraving
jewelry rings laser marking

Laser marking Designs-jewelry rings laser marking

The type of designs available for laser ring marking include intricate graphic elements, photo images, or the marking of names as was the fashion on signet rings in the past.

Then, the non-contact laser ring marking technique can produce lines of

text as small as 10 µm without causing abrasion or damage to the ring, making it possible

to add poetry to an eternity ring or excerpts from marriage vows to a wedding band,

or the name of the loved one and a memorable date on the inside surface of the band.

Then, a photo image can mark on a ring large enough to display it, the wearer can

be remind of the love one who present the ring.

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