Fiber Laser Marking Machine: Diamond Ring Lettering+Karina

Fiber Laser Marking Machine: Diamond Ring Lettering

In the past, people used marking knives on the ring, but the effect was not very good. Because the knives and the rings were in direct contact. And there was inevitably no friction between them, so it was bound to stay on the ring. The extra traces affect the grade of the ring. As people’s aesthetic concepts change, the requirements for the appearance of the ring are becoming more and more strict. Therefore, the engraving knife is not the most ideal marking equipment. For now, the best equipment for marking on the ring is the laser marking machine. Marking the ring with a fiber laser marking machine is a good choice.

Then, there are several advantages to using a fiber laser marking machine to mark a ring:

1. The fiber laser marking machine is small in size and can place in more harsh environments or in a small space, making installation more convenient.

2. By evaporating and vaporizing the substance on the surface of the ring, such marks are durable and are not easily erased.

3, easy to learn, do not need to master too much professional knowledge, as long as you understand the computer mapping can be.

4, marking speed is fast, 5 to 12 times that of traditional marking equipment.

5, the processing cost is low, the service life of the fiber laser marking machine is 100,000 hours, and its price is about 100,000, so its processing cost is 1 yuan / hour, and the fiber laser marking machine can be played in an hour. 200 rings, so the processing cost per ring is 0.005 yuan.

To sum up

In the application of the laser marking machine, you should consider the material of the ring, the content of the lettering, the way of marking, and so on. First of all, you should consider that the ring width of the ring is not suitable for lettering. If the width is less than 3 mm, then the engraving word will be smaller, which will not help to clearly understand the contents of the ring mark. The engraved text on the wedding diamond ring will accompany you for the rest of your life. Like each other’s name or wedding date, there are some more personalized subtitles. Special numbers or nicknames, poems, etc. will make your ring unique. Of course, you need to communicate with your customers before you can type to choose the content that suits each other’s personality. Today, the laser marking process helps to personalize. Diamond ring lettering. Choosing a laser marking machine is a wise choice.