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Fiber laser cutting machines speed effectively control – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machines speed effectively control

Many people have some misunderstandings when using fiber laser cutting machines. Because of fiber laser cutting machines cutting speed, many people will recognize that the cutting speed is as fast as possible. And the speed can improve the working efficiency. And it can also create greater economic benefits. In fact, the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is controlled within a certain range. Then fiber laser cutting machines speed effectively control.

If the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine is too fast, it will be impossible to cut. And the spark will spray randomly. Then the cutting surface will have a diagonal stripe road, and the lower part will produce melting. So the whole section is thicker, but no cracking will affect the precision of the cutting board quality. Therefore, we should control the cutting speed of the fiber laser cutting machine. The following are three suggestions.


1. At least three fiber laser cutting machine lathes and turning centers can use.

X, Z axis feed and rapid feed, fast and smooth. High-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducers are used with precision ball screws to reduce mechanical failure rates and improve precision. The servo control high and low file conversion device shortens the time and the transfer is fast and stable.

2: Fiber laser cutting machine digital grinding machine and electric discharge machine can use at least three.

The three axes of X, Y and Z are smooth and smooth, which makes the parameter setting of the controller simpler, so that the finished product is highly precise, the arc joint is smooth, and the surface roughness is reduced.

3: At least four fiber laser cutting machine machining centers and CNC milling machines can use.

X, Y axis feed and rapid feed can increase feed smoothness, reduce noise and reduce the cost of servo motors. Because of the high torque, the control is easier, although the load is different, it does not affect the feed smoothing. The load on the Z-axis is completely different due to the gravity of the gravity. The installation of a high-precision, low-backlash planetary gear reducer can reduce the load on the servo motor and increase the life of the machine. The tool changer requires fast, accurate positioning and low vibration. The high precision low backlash planetary gear reducer is still the best choice.