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Fiber laser cutting machine three technical indicators

With the development of China’s economy and the improvement of the industrial level. And the demand for laser cutting machine equipment is also growing. Fiber laser cutting machines have well received by the market as excellent products in cutting equipment. Moreover, with the development of technology, its performance technology is constantly improving, and the products constantly update. Then fiber laser cutting machine three technical indicators.

The new fiber laser cutting machine adopts more advanced technology, more powerful functions. And lower cost and more intelligent operation. So what technology use in fiber laser cutting machines? What are its technical indicators? The following small series explains the three technical indicators of fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Fiber laser machine technology:

The whole machine design and production of all-fiber laser cutting machine design with the knowledge, content, technology, process and experience. And it is the core and most critical technology for the design and production of all-fiber laser. Then the whole machine design and production of all-fiber laser not only needs reasonable design for application. But also shoulders the responsibility of improving and innovating the structure and scheme of the whole machine.

2. Fiber grating technology:

Fiber grating in the all-fiber laser, the current role is to reflect the core of the signal laser to form a resonant cavity. But with the further development of fiber laser technology, fiber grating laser will have new uses. Then one of the new challenges in the fabrication of fiber. So bragg gratings is the fabrication of high quality fiber gratings on large core multimode fibers.

3. Special fiber technology:

A new generation of special fiber represented by photonic crystal fiber will be gradually applied in the development of fiber laser. The development of special optical fiber will make the active fiber have higher gain, higher power density, and more effective absorption of pump light. It will make the grating easier to manufacture, the grating stability is better, and the grating is in the fiber. The use in lasers is more widespread.

The main technical indicators of the fiber laser cutting machine are the above three points. Science is the primary productive force, and innovation is the inexhaustible driving force for enterprise development. With the continuous attention paid by the majority of fiber laser cutting machine enterprises to scientific research, it is believed that the fiber laser cutting machine technology will be more advanced and make greater contributions to industrial development!