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Fiber laser cutting machine optical path offset reason – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine optical path offset reason

Many customers will slowly shift when they encounter a good light path. I don’t know why, here is why you explain it? And fiber laser cutting machine optical path offset reason.
It well know that the working process of the laser requires three mirrors, which are reflected from the back of the laser machine to the front. And the light path concentrate to the strongest by a focusing mirror to work.
The first reason is that your air compressor is poor. And the gas that blown out affects the laser lens, causing the lens to have oil stains. Seriously it is also possible to burn off the lens. The second type of your machine not fix. The machine itself is best connected with the ground with several screws to prevent some factories from swaying in the place where the road traffic is relatively large. And it is easy to light the road.

Then third type of laser machine that you don’t use XT laser, the net weight of 300 kg + the weight of the machine will also affect the sloshing factor during use.

Here’s how to teach everyone how to adjust the light path is the most correct

We call the three mirrors mirrors A, B, C,

1. Adjustment of the third light (note: the cross will bisect the spot), move the mirror C to the remote, direct the light into the light target.

And shoot at the front end and the remote end once, and adjust the position of the cross to the near end. Then the position of the cross in the spot is the same, indicating that the beam is parallel to the X axis. At this time, if the light path is inside or outside, the screws on the frame B should loose or tight until the left and right sides divided.

2. Adjust the second light, move the mirror B to the remote, use the cardboard to emit light from near to far, and guide the light into the cross light target.

Because the remote light is in the target, the near end must be inside the target. And the proximal and the remote spot are adjusted to be the same. That is, the near end biase. And the remote also biase so that the cross is in the same position in the near end and the remote spot. that is, near (far), the optical path is parallel to the Y-axis guide.

3. For the adjustment of the fourth light, use a piece of textured paper to stick to the light exit port.

So that the light hole leaves a circular mark on the adhesive tape, click out the light. Then remove the adhesive tape to observe the position of the small hole, adjust the frame as appropriate. So screw on C until the spot round and straight.

4. Adjust the first light, stick it on the dimming target hole of the mirror A with double-sided adhesive tape.

Manually jog the light (note that the power should not be too large at this time), fine-tune the base of the mirror A and the laser tube Bracket, so that the light hits the center of the target hole, pay attention to the light can not be blocked.

Measuring method of focal length: Using the focal length ruler of our laser cutting machine manufacturer, the nozzle lift up and down on the number 5 of the focal length scale. At this time, the light is the brightest and strongest, and then the screw lock. The above is why the light path is offset.