Fiber laser cutting machine has become the “new favorite” of metal processing

Every year, all walks of life need thousands of tons of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel how to process, how to deal with? The answer is actually metal processing with fiber laser cutting machine, now more and more industry metal forming using fiber laser cutting machine for processing, not only double the efficiency, cost savings of half, fiber laser cutting machine has also become the new darling of the metal processing industry, fast efficiency, high value, good processing quality, has become the metal processing industry’s “new favorite! “.
Fiber laser cutting machine is mainly composed of the host part of the machine tool, laser, laser head, CNC system, operating table, laser voltage stabilized power supply, chiller, high-heat laser beam to the metal material in accordance with the requirements of separation. In addition manufacturers and customers who need to separate workpieces automatically can pick automatic loading and unloading devices to further save labor costs.
As a representative brand in the laser equipment industry, based on strong innovation and R&D strength, Xintian has been exploring user pain points and needs in this sub-category of fiber laser cutting machine, and has crafted a series of practical and cost-effective fiber laser cutting machines in an attempt to help users achieve high-quality metal processing.
Compared with traditional stamping or saw blade cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine is the outstanding feature is to achieve the “all-in-one”, a fiber laser cutting machine = cutting machine + marking machine + punch + flame cutting machine + plasma cutting machine, that is to say, in some processes need so many equipment to complete, a laser cutting machine can be! Get it done, can be said to have become an important product in industrial production.
When it comes to the importance of fiber laser cutting machine in production, each device has a corresponding break-in period, fiber laser cutting machine is no exception, in the processing process before the start of work, should check whether the fiber laser cutting machine bearings are out of oil, this break-in process takes time to adapt to the break-in period is to ensure that the equipment is later normal operation, reduce the failure rate, increase the life of an important step. Its break-in period should run properly according to the relevant operating instructions, and pay attention to the workload during commissioning. Half of the workload during the break-in period should not be greater than 60% of the rated workload, and appropriate workloads should be arranged to stop overheating of parts due to prolonged continuous operation of the machine, which increases the degree of wear and tear.
Xintian has entered the public eye with low and medium power laser equipment, and has researched and developed a series of high-tech laser forming products since it has been plowing into the industry for many years. Up to now, Xintian has owned more than 50 patents in the field of medium-power equipment, and has obtained quality certificates from many countries and has been widely recognized by customers all over the world. We believe that in the future, Xintian will continue to “make manufacturing smarter and more efficient” for the mission, the brand of continuous innovation, to bring people more high-quality, high-tech laser equipment products!

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