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Fiber laser cutting machine correct use – Catherine

Fiber laser cutting machine correct use

Now we use a new type of cutting machine equipment, which is a fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine can collect the laser beam onto the surface of the workpiece by high-energy density laser beam output. So that the work will realize instantaneously. Then the materialization and gasification of the equipment will achieve the purpose of automatic cutting. And fiber laser cutting machine correct use.

Compared with gas laser machines, fiber laser cutting machines have obvious advantages in cutting. And have become more important equipment in the field of high precision laser processing.

Fiber laser cutting machines can use for the cutting of sheet metal. Whether it is bevel cutting or round tube cutting, very high precision cutting requirements can achieve. And ensuring a more tidy and smooth cutting edge. Moreover, fiber laser cutting machines have good advantages in terms of consumables, work efficiency and environmental protection. So they call advanced technology products.

So, how do you use the fiber laser cutting machine correctly?

1. When using fiber laser cutting machine, be sure to clean all the guide rails frequently, often wipe the rack of the equipment, and always apply lubricating oil on the guide rail to ensure no debris.

2, weekly equipment management personnel to vacuum and remove the dust and debris in the machine, to ensure that all electrical cabinets must prevent dust.

3, the motor ring should also be cleaned and cleaned regularly, which is beneficial to ensure the operation of the fiber laser cutting machine, and can also accurately cut to ensure the quality of the cut product.

If you want to guarantee the service life of the fiber laser cutting machine, you need to check the straightness and verticality of the track every six months. If it is found to be abnormal, it should be maintained and debugged in time.