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Factors affecting the laser marking effect-Karina

Factors affecting the laser marking effect

Factors affecting the laser marking effect. Laser marking machines use laser technology to permanently mark materials of different materials, and their marking is not easy to wear. In the actual marking, what factors will affect the marking effect?

Aside from the material itself, (because the effect of marking different materials is definitely different). In general, the main reason that affects the marking effect of laser marking machine is divide into two aspects, one is the device itself, and the other is the device itself. One is the marking setting.

A laser marking machine, marking control card, galvanometer, optical lens, mechanical structure, external refrigeration system can almost all be the same. The difference between each laser company is not much, and it is now At the stage, the manufacturers who almost do the above accessories in China face a major reshuffle. There are only two or three brands to choose from, so it is not within the scope of this article.

The equipment itself mainly includes laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, and reasonable optical shaping to assist the auxiliary gas during processing. Customers should consider this aspect when purchasing a laser marking machine. It is recommend to select the model according to the advice of professional technical engineers. Of course, it is not so complicate. Most of us generally choose a machine when we need to go online. So we need to use the machine. When we choose the model, we will go to the proof first. It doesn’t matter if it is good. The actual proof can use.

1. laser frequency

Lasers can divid into pulsed lasers and continuous lasers according to the output laser. The lasers used for cutting and soldering metal hard materials mainly adopt pulse output mode. The pulse width can adjusted from 0.1 to 10 US. The main influences of different pulse widths and frequencies Cutting speed and cutting roughness, but the efficiency of high frequency cutting will be high, but most domestic manufacturers produce carbon dioxide laser frequency within 5KHz, RF tube can only be within 20KHZ. Also used for laser The standard laser is also pulse. As with the cutting aspect, the pulse is high and the marking speed can be high. This should debugg with the effect of the marking object. The frequency of the fiber laser can reach 100KHZ, which is why the fiber laser is use. The root cause of the high-speed marking of the standard machine is that whether it is used for marking or cutting, the laser energy of each pulse frequency is relatively equal, there is no one pulse, so the marking and cutting effect is the most ideal of.

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