How to extend the service life of fiber laser XT Laser Vicky

If we compare the entire fiber laser cutting machine to the human body, then the laser is the heart. In the same way, as people age, their heart function will gradually decline. People need a reasonable diet, a positive attitude, and regular exercise to slow down the aging of the heart; while using the fiber laser cutting machine. They also need to pay attention to the maintenance of the laser and try to avoid long-term non-stop operation.

So, how to extend the service life of fiber lasers?

1. If this problem occurs soon after the equipment is in operation, the first consideration is that there is a problem with the fiber laser of the equipment, and you need to contact the manufacturer for repair. Of course, it not rule out. There are also some poor quality laser cutting machines whose fiber lasers have a very short service life.

2. Maintenance of fiber laser. The fiber laser divided into two parts: the outer optical path and the inner optical path. Generally, the inner optical path in a seal state without maintenance, and the main maintenance work is for the outer optical path. The cutting environment greatly affects the operation of the external optical system. In an environment with serious dust pollution, large particles and smoke in the air, the external light path system easily pollute, so it is very important to ensure the cleanliness of the processing site environment. At the same time, if auxiliary gas is used during cutting, the purity and quality of the gas should also be guaranteed. Finally, the circulating water of the cold water facility needs to be replaced at any time and kept clean to avoid contamination.

3. Try to avoid operating the equipment for a long time. The device is the same as the human heart. If it is running at a high speed 24 hours a day, it will cause “overdraft physical strength”. Therefore, if conditions permit, shut down the device every day and let the equipment rest for a few hours to extend the service life of the fiber laser and equipment.

How to extend the service life of fiber laser XT Laser

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