Exchangeable table high power fiber laser cutter – Damon

High power open model exchangeable table

Exchangeable table – At first it uses composited truss working bed. Truss beam and truss plate form the working bed. Secondly High-strength welding technology and fading through high temperature make the machine removing stress. So it will become non deforming, low vibration.  And it ensures the high accuracy when cutting.

Aerospace aluminum beam –  Because it bases on the rigid-flexible coupling analysis. The simulation perform with the actual working conditions. At the same time, it carries the multi-source load from the acceleration of beam and motor torque. The layout design is reasonable. High strength and strong stability ensure long-term high speed cutting.

High and low space parallel exchange working table – High and low space parallel exchange working table, the exchange is stable and fast.

Consist with Ergonomic design – Abundant human-computer interaction interface, simple operation and easy to use; Intelligent monitoring system design, real-time intelligent monitoring, safe production.

Gantry dual servo drive  – The gantry type double servo motor drive system and synchronous double drive can effectively ensure the high speed. Keeping highly precise, highly stable when cutting.

Modular workbench – Segmented modular workbench, easy to disassemble and replace.  No hindrance to production makes it more efficient time-saving and safe.

Auto-focus cutting head – It can adjust the focus according to the thickness of the material.  It is suitable for a variety of focal lengths. Shorten piercing time improves piercing quality. High speed cutting saves more time.

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