Effect of different auxiliary gases – Damon

Effect of different auxiliary gases – Laser cutting machines use different auxiliary gases to cut different materials. The thickness of the cutting material is different. And the pressure and flow of the auxiliary gas are different. The pressure of the auxiliary gas has a direct impact on the result of laser cutting. The working gas of the laser is  to generate laser light. The shielding gas is to protect the optical devices and drive the shutter. The working gas of the laser mixed with helium, nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas in a certain ratio.

The auxiliary gas can not only blow away the slag in time but also cool the workpiece and clean the lens. The use of different auxiliary gases can change the cutting speed and the surface quality of the slit. So it is of great significance for the cutting of special metals. The types of auxiliary gas are oxygen, air, nitrogen, and argon. Air and nitrogen can be as protective gas during cutting to prevent the occurrence of oxidation film. We use argon for titanium metal cutting.

Effect of different auxiliary gases-Compressed air

Air is suitable for cutting aluminium, non-metal and galvanized steel. To a certain extent, it can reduce the oxide film and save costs. We generally use air when the cutting plate is relatively not thick and the cutting end face is not too high.  Some sheet metal cabinets and other industries generally use air cutting.

● Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an inert gas. It could prevents oxidation of the cutting end surface of the product when cutting and prevents combustion( prone to occur when the sheet is thick). Nitrogen is for products that require higher cutting end faces and do not need to expose. Such as some decoration industry, aerospace and other special parts.

● Oxygen

Support combustion mainly use oxygen. It can increase the cutting thickness and cutting speed. Thick plate cutting, high-speed cutting and very thin plate cutting mainly use oxygen cutting. For some larger carbon steel plate and some thicker carbon steel plate structural parts, oxygen is useful.

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