Different types of welding and what they are used for-Dora

Different types of welding and what they are used for

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Customers use welding to join pieces of metal together. So what are the different types of welding? And what are they used for in industry?

MIG Welding

The MIG welding is one of the easier types of welding to learn. Actually it have two different types of welding. The first is using bare wire and the second is flux core.


People use bare wire MIG welding to join thin pieces of metal together. And we  use flux core MIG welding outdoors. Because it does not require a flow meter or gas supply. DIY enthusiasts and hobby welders who don’t have the money to spend on expensive equipment usually choose MIG welding.

Stick Welding

The Stick welding, also called Arc welding, is doing it the old fashioned way. But it is a bit harder to master than MIG welding. However you can pick up a stick welding equipment for very little if you want to have one at home. The stick welding uses a stick electrode welding rod.

TIG Welding

The TIG welding is extremely versatile, but it is also one of the more difficult welding techniques to learn and skilled individuals can use Lincoln Electric TIG welding .


There are two hands for TIG welding. One hand feeds the rod while the other holds a TIG torch. This torch creates the heat and arc, which are used to weld most conventional metals, including aluminum, steel, nickel alloys, copper alloys, cobalt and titanium.

Plasma Arc Welding

The Plasma arc welding is a precision technique. And it apply to aerospace applications where metal thickness is 0.015 of an inch. One example of such an application would be on an engine blade or an air seal. Plasma arc welding is very similar in technique to TIG welding, but the plasma arc welding have recessed electrode and the ionizing gases inside the arc could create heat.

Electron Beam and Laser Welding

Electron beam and laser welding are extremely precise, high energy welding techniques.

Gas Welding

The Gas welding don’t use anymore and people choose TIG welding instead of Gas welding. Gas welding kits require oxygen and acetylene and are very portable. Its usage is sometimes weld bits of car exhaust back together.


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