Details about Marking Machine-Vincy

Details about Marking Machine-Vincy


Hello,friends.This is Vincy from XTLASER,a sales consultant for NA(USA and CA).Here i want to share some details about Marking machines.

Now the appilication of marking machine has gone up,and many customers will ask us some questions, so I will explain these repeated questions in this article.


As a manufacture,we provide many different types,like mini marker,enclosed marker,desktop marker ect.

Between these types,the mini and mini enclosed marker are the best sellers in NA.

Fiber laser making machine-Alice


For marking machine,we support 20w,30w,50w,100w.

And the light of 20w is the lowest,so psople seldom choose it.

30w is better to mark surface,50w is better to engrave and 100w is better to cut some soft and sight materials,like 1mm copper and siver.

In fact,the biggest difference between these power is speed.That means 30w also can engrave,50w also can cut.But it needs more time to do the same work.

And 30w and 50w are the most poplar power in the market.


Our marking machine support Raycus,IPG and JPT laser source.

Raycus-And if you just want to make 2D products that means plate marking.Raycus is enough.Of course,if you want to use JPT,that’s no problem.Raycus is a famous laser source brand in the market.

JPT-It is a good brand in 3D area.But it also has many different series,like LP series(2D) and M7 series(3D).Besides,its price is higher than Raycus.

IPG-this laser source in marking machine has the highest price though it is a famous brand  and it has a good quailty in the world.

So between these brand,most customers will choose Raycus or JPT.


1)working area/focus lens:110*110mm/150*150mm/1758175mm/200*200mm/300*300mm.It is optional.

2):voltage:110v,60Hz/220v,50Hz.It is optional.

3):marking depth:0.01-2mm.It depends on different materials.


These are details about our marking machine,if you are interested in our machine,pls free to contact me.

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