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What Should We Do When Cutting Rusty Plates by Metal Laser Cutter?

As we all know that metal laser cutter is a sharp tool for sheet metal processing. In the actual production.There always appears the phenomenon that the processing material is rusted.Especially in the south area. Because of the humid environment, iron and steel plates are easy to rust.

So many customers want to know if steel laser cutter can cut rusted steel.  The laser itself cannot be a light source, and the laser generates heat only after it  is absorbed on the material surface.In the case of rust or no rust on the surface of the material, the laser absorption is different, and the heat generation is also greatly affected.

CNC Chinese metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine

Generally cutting rusty plates will have the following effects:

1. The sheet cutting efficiency will be reduced, the effect will be poor, and the scrap rate will be higher. If possible, it is better to reduce the use of rusty plates or treat them before using them.

2. Actually the worst consequence is holes burst when drilling and cutting. And it will pollute the lens. If the thickness is more than 5mm, customers can rust removal with a grinder. If the thickness is less than 5mm, you can leave it alone, and the worst result is that the cutting effect is not good.

3. The cutting condition of uniformly rusted plates will be better than that of unevenly rusted plates. Because the uniformly rusted sheet absorbs the laser evenly, it can be cut well. For the processing materials with uneven rust on the surface, the surface must be uniform before cutting.

All in all, it is better to use clean plates. Even it is must to use rusty plates, paying attention to uniform the rust condition. More solutions, please feel free to contact us. We are pleased to serve you.


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