Comparison of advantages between laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines

XT Laser – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Compared with punching machines, fiber laser cutting machines have many advantages in the field of metal sheet laser cutting. For example, metal laser cutting machines do not require mold opening to cut various metal plates. Metal laser cutting machines can quickly cut various shapes of workpieces through non-contact processing, with excellent consistency and no damage to the workpiece. Relatively speaking, punching machines do not have these advantages in this regard. Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of metal sheet processing equipment currently on the market. The processing principle is to generate a high-energy laser beam through a laser and focus it on the surface of the metal material, causing the irradiated part of the sheet to instantly melt and cut. effect. CNC punching machines are automated machine tools controlled by computer programs. Compared with traditional cutting equipment, CNC punching machines have certain advantages in accuracy and cost. Most of the work can be completed through simple mold matching.

As an efficient processing equipment, laser cutting machines can completely replace traditional cutting equipment. So what is the difference between laser cutting machines and CNC punching machines?

1. Cutting speed.

According to the actual testing results in the laser field, the cutting speed of this laser cutting machine is more than 10 times that of traditional cutting equipment. For example, when cutting 1mm stainless steel plates, the maximum speed of the laser cutting machine can reach over 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines.

2. Cutting quality and accuracy.

CNC punching machine is a contact machining method that causes significant damage to materials and low cutting quality. It must undergo secondary processing to make the surface smooth and the cutting accuracy very high. Laser cutting machine is a non-contact technical method that causes almost zero damage to materials. Due to the use of advanced accessories in the laser cutting machine, the equipment is more stable during operation, with more accurate cutting accuracy, and even an error of 0.015 mm. The cutting surface is flat and smooth. For some industries with higher requirements, it not only saves costs but also saves processing time.

3. The operation is simpler and more convenient.

CNC punching machines require manual intervention in machine operation, especially when designing molds before cutting. The laser cutting machine only needs to design cutting patterns in the computer, and any complex patterns can be transmitted to the workbench of the laser cutting machine, which is automatically processed by the equipment. The entire process is fully automated and does not require manual intervention.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machines:

1. It can handle any complex graphics, as long as it is drawn on a computer and input into the control system.

2. Low usage cost. In future use, only basic electricity and auxiliary gas costs are required.

3. High cutting accuracy, small thermal deformation, non-contact processing, basically without the need for secondary polishing of the surface.

4. Ecological environment protection, no noise, and no pollution to the surrounding environment.

5. Suitable for processing various metal plates, it has certain advantages for processing metal plates below 20mm. The above is a brief overview of the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines. After all, CNC punching machines were the technology of ten years ago. The times are advancing, and equipment is constantly being updated. Only by keeping up with the pace of society can our China become increasingly powerful. Therefore, more enterprise users are now turning their attention to fiber laser cutting machines.

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