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Comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways

Nowadays, with the science and technology developed quickly. The requirement of cutting is higher. So manufacturers choose to buy a laser cutter. Today we will show you the comparation between laser cutter and traditional cutting ways.

Firstly, cutting speed

According to the actual test results of the laser field, the cutting speed of the laser cutter is

Fiber laser cutter
Fiber laser cutter

more than 10 times of the traditional cutter. For example, for 1mm stainless steel plates cutting, the maximum speed of the laser cutter can reach more than 30 meters per minute, which is impossible for traditional cutting machines.

Secondly, cutting quality and precision

The laser cutter is a non-contact method, won’t do harm to the materials.
Because the laser cutting machine uses advanced accessories to make the equipment more stable during operation, the cutting accuracy is more accurate, and the error even reaches 0.01mm accuracy. The cutting surface is flat and smooth. It not only saves costs but also saves processing time.

Thirdly, the operation is easier and more convenient

Design the cutting pattern in the computer, and any complicated pattern can be used. The equipment will automatically process it without manual intervention.

Fourthly. automation and no pollution

Fast cutting speed, high degree of automation, easy operation, low labor intensity, and no pollution. 

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