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How to classify laser cutting machines according to structure

We usually classify laser cutting machines according to the type of laser. So how to classify laser cutting machines according to structure?

Firstly, According to the way of the relative movement of the cutting head and the table.

The numerical control laser cutting machine can divide into three types: the fixed light path of the fixed light path.

The moving light path and the mixed light path of the semi-fixed and semi-moving mixed form.

In addition, there is a fix-arm type optical path flight beam transmission form, which is calling a constant flight path, referring to as a constant light path.


In the cutting machine using the flying light path, only the cutting head moves in the X and Y directions during the cutting process, and the position of the table is fixing.

The plate processed by this type of cutting machine has large scale and large quality; the equipment has a small footprint, no need to clamp the workpiece, and the upper and lower materials are convenient.

The machine has good acceleration performance and high positioning accuracy.

Therefore, it is highly praising the market and is calling the mainstream model of the international market.


Secondly. Several typical structures commonly used in modern laser cutting machines mainly include gantry frame mobile flight optical path structure.

Beam moving flight light path, beam upside down mobile flight light path, cantilever mobile flight light path structure, fixed beam gantry type semi-flying light path.

Cross table mobile fixed light path, gantry and cantilever type constant light path, robot structure and large-format airborne hybrid optical path, laser flexible processing system.


Third. In terms of the structure of the cutting equipment, the material of the large part of the bed has the casting structure.

The welded structure, the marble structure, the beam is made of aluminum alloy castings or welded parts and profiles.

And other parts are also selected from engineering plastics, glass steel and Applications such as stainless steel.