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Choose right laser cutter – The laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high cutting precision, short production circle. And non-contact processing, reducing production cost, and improving production efficiency. With the processing patterns and processing requirements of metal gradually rising, the traditional laser cutting equipment has already not satisfied complex processing needs. However, laser cutters have become more and more available in the metal processing industries. More and more enterprises want to use laser cutting machines to replace the traditional processing methods.

But for customers who are new to laser cutting machines, how can they choose right laser cutter quickly and accurately? They need to pay attention to the following points:

Choose right laser cutter

Firstly, you need to understand your own production and processing needs. Before we choose a laser cutting machine, we need to learn about our production processing materials. According to the thickness and material of the processing material. And also cutting speed, and cutting precision to choose the right laser equipment.

Generally, the laser cutting machines on the market have different powers. It can cut various metal plate and pipes. They are mainly suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and alloy metal materials.

Secondly, you need to understand the performance of laser equipment. After understanding the properties of the processed materials. The format of the laser cutting machine determines the size and length of the cutting material, and the power of the laser cutting machine determines the thickness of the cut sheets. Compared with other processing equipment, laser cutting machine has the advantages of small cutting burrs and no slag, which can save secondary processing producers and save processing time. What’s more, the precision of the equipment processing, the moving speed during the cutting process, and whether the equipment operation is complex, safe, and environmentally friendly, which are all the key factors needed to be considered.

XT laser focuses on the R&D, production and sales of the laser cutting equipment. It has many years laser industry experience and is based on the forefront of technology. The R&D team composed of multiple professional, guided by international advanced technology, continues to carry out technological innovation, and is committed to bring better service and experience to users.

        Thirdly, you need to inspect the comprehensive strength of the laser equipment manufacturer.

When purchasing a laser equipment, we need to understand the production scale and manage strength of the laser equipment manufacturer, and you can refer to the manufacturer’s past sales cases to select equipment. Generally speaking, we advise you to choose a manufacturer with powerful overall strength and large-scale production, which is more secure in terms of product quality and sales services. At the same time, the after-sales guarantee system is also a point that cannot be ignored when purchasing equipment. A comprehensive after-sales service can protect the rights and interests of customers.

XT laser production base occupies more than 100 acres and has nearly 1000 employees. It produces more than 4000 laser equipment every year. Over the years, our excellent quality equipment and considerate sales service have won customer’s favor. Unanimously praised and established a good reputation in the industry.

Finally, according to your existing budget to choose equipment. When purchasing a laser equipment, enterprises will consider capital investment. For laser cutting equipment, different accessories, different laser powers, and prices are  different. Shop around for the equipment information provided by the supplier, and choose the manufacturer that cooperates with well-known brands, and the reputation is more secure.