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How to choose a laser equipment manufacturer

How to choose a laser equipment manufacturer? In recent years, with the rising demand for laser cutting equipment. The industry is highly competitive and there are many products. For the equipment demand side, the range of choice is too broad to know how to start. How to choose a laser cutting machine manufacturer?

Firstly, Cutting materials and demand range:

First determine the material and thickness of the cut material, and then determine the required equipment power and the size of the workbench. In the market, the power of laser cutting machines ranges from 500W to 6000W. Most manufacturers can make worktables according to customers’ requirements.

Secondly, Primary selection of manufacturers:

After you have roughly determined your needs, you can go to the market or the peers who have purchased the equipment to understand the performance and parameters of the equipment. Choose 2-3 manufacturers with strength and price advantage to conduct pre-communication and proofing, and then go to the factory for in-situ inspections, and then discuss the equipment price, payment method and after-sales situation in detail.

Third, The core components of the cutting equipment:

For some important parts of the cutting equipment, care should be taken during the purchase process, especially the laser cutting head, generator, servo motor, etc., must be differentiated from domestic or imported, because the cutting speed and precision of these core components for the equipment Has a direct impact.

Forth, Operating performance of cutting equipment:

Simple and easy to operate, it is an intuitive and important aspect of the customer’s choice of equipment. It can be put into operation after a short training period, which can reduce the time for personnel to learn and reduce the cost of use.

Fifth, After-sales service of cutting equipment:

In the process of using the equipment, there will inevitably be some problems, and timely and high-quality after-sales service is very important. Don’t just focus on the manufacturer price factor, but choose from the aspects of equipment stability and performance. Because in the use of subsequent equipment, you will understand the importance of after-sales service.

To sum up

The above points are some suggestions for selecting the laser cutting machine manufacturer. I hope that you can give some guidance to the equipment you are going to purchase. When you purchase the specific equipment, you should consider it comprehensively. Choose a qualified manufacturer to not only let your equipment. It can also save costs by using it longer.

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500w fiber laser cutting machine
500w fiber laser cutting machine