China fiber laser cleaning machine:Claudia Ma

China fiber laser cleaning machine

China fiber laser cleaning machine

Fiber laser cleaning machine has the characteristics of cleaner, non-contact, efficient and flexible, and suitable for various materials.

As China’s environmental protection regulations become more stringent, people’s awareness of environmental protection is also increasing.

Many shortcomings of the traditional cleaning industry are becoming more and more obvious, especially pollution.

We think that it is the most environmentally friendly and effective solution.

And laser cleaning machine can solve the problems that we cannot solve by traditional cleaning methods.

The laser cleaning machine mainly uses the characteristics of high energy, high repetition rate and high power of the laser.

Comparing with traditional cleaning methods, laser cleaning machine has many advantages.

Such as non-contact, no brushing, no pollutant emission and wide applicability.

People consider it to be the most reliable and effective “cleaner”.

Besides,it has cleaned in weapons and equipment.

Cultural relics protection, precision parts maintenance, flying aircraft, orbital locomotives play an important role.

Practical application of laser cleaning machine technology

 Moreover,Laser cleaning machine does not require the use of any chemicals.

And the solid waste is easier to store and recycle.

The “soft and invisible” light does not cause “secondary damage” such as mechanical effects on the surface of the equipment, and the cleanliness is high.

At the same time, the laser cleaner efficiency is high, the use time is low, and the use cost is low.

Although the laser cleaning system is relatively high in the previous period, we can use the cleaning system for a long time.

And the running cost is low, and the operating cost per hour is only about 1.3$ .

Nowadays, the continuous development of laser cleaning machine has opened up many new opportunities for laser technology in industrial applications.

This technology is in the ascendant in the fields of microelectronics, construction, automobile manufacturing, medical treatment, ship cleaning and maintenance, etc.

And the application market is extremely promising.

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