Carbon steel laser cutting machine improves metal cutting efficiency

XT Laser – Carbon Steel Laser Cutting Machine

XT Laser specializes in the production of carbon steel plate laser cutting machines. Laser cutting machine is used for cutting carbon steel, with fast speed and high efficiency. Carbon steel has good absorption effect on laser and good cutting quality. It is also favored by laser cutting and processing manufacturers.

Metal laser cutting machines are not only used for cutting carbon steel, but also for sheet metal processing and advertising production. They are widely used in industries such as metal products and kitchen utensils. Various metal laser cutting machines and steel plate laser cutting machines are deeply loved by society. Laser cutting is suitable for cutting thicker and longer steel plates and carbon steels, and has been widely used in industrial production. Efficiency, stability, accuracy, and speed are the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines, making them the preferred choice for processing carbon steel.

Carbon steel, as a high-quality alloy steel, has been widely used in daily life and industrial fields due to its excellent microstructure and properties. Because carbon steel contains carbon, it does not reflect light strongly and has a good effect in absorbing light beams. Carbon steel is more suitable for cutting with laser cutting machines. The processing effect is also very good. The cutting surface is flat, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing. Cost.

Fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used for laser cutting of carbon steel materials. However, due to the high hardness of carbon steel, long-term inspection and maintenance of optical fiber equipment are necessary to avoid problems. If there are problems during the processing, it is necessary to inspect all aspects of the laser cutting machine.

Advantages of laser cutting machines:

Good cutting quality: Good cutting quality, small incision, small deformation, smooth and beautiful cutting surface, no need for subsequent processing.

Fast cutting speed: Continuous and fast curve cutting function and shortest machining path optimization function greatly improve work efficiency.

High stability: The output power of the device is stable, the laser has a long service life, and maintenance is simple.

This software has powerful functions: various graphics and text can be freely designed and processed in real-time, with flexible work, high efficiency, and simple and convenient mechanical operation.

Unusual sparks during laser cutting of low-carbon steel:

When laser cutting low-carbon steel normally, the spark beam is long and flat, with fewer forks. Abnormal sparks can affect the flatness and processing quality of the cutting section of the workpiece. At this point, when other parameters are normal, the following situations should be considered:

The laser head nozzle is severely worn and should be replaced in a timely manner.

Without replacing the new nozzle, the pressure of the cutting working gas should be increased.

If the thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser head becomes loose, cutting should be stopped immediately, the connection status of the laser head should be checked, and the thread should be reinstalled.

Reasons for incomplete laser cutting:

The selection of the laser nozzle does not match the thickness of the processing board. Replace the nozzle or the processing board.

The laser cutting line speed is too fast, and operation control is needed to reduce the line speed.

What problems may occur with the carbon steel material of the laser cutting machine.

When laser cutting carbon steel, the hair on the workpiece generally causes burrs on the workpiece. Possible reasons include:

Move the laser focus position, conduct a focus position test, and adjust it according to the displacement of the laser focus.

The output power of the laser is insufficient. It is necessary to check if the laser generator is working properly. If normal, observe whether the output value of the laser control button is correct. If not, adjust it.

The cutting line speed is too slow, and it is necessary to increase the line speed during the operation control process.

The purity of cutting gas is not enough, and high-quality cutting working gas must be provided.

The machine tool is unstable due to its long running time and needs to be stopped and restarted.

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