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A laser cutting machine has some selection criteria in the middle of the selection process. In fact, once we choose this equipment, we must determine the final production range. And it depends on the processing material or the thickness of the cut. To make effective choices, only in this way can we determ. How to buy a laser cutting machine?

The principle of laser cutting is that after the laser is generate by the laser. It is transmitte by the mirror and irradiate on the processe article through the focusing mirror. Which causes the processe article (surface) to receive thermal energy with extremely high energy density and the temperature increases sharply, making this point rapidly due to high temperature. Vaporization or melting, in conjunction with the laser trajectory to achieve the purpose of processing. Laser has almost no divergence directivity, has extremely high luminous intensity, high coherence, high intensity, high directivity, so it has fast cutting speed, high precision, good cutting section quality, narrow cutting gap, and good cutting quality.

For example, the high-power laser cutting machine has a narrow incision width (typically 0.1–0.2mm), high accuracy (0.01–0.02mm). And good surface roughness of the incision (generally Ra is 6.5-12.5μm). Generally, no slitting is require. It can weld after processing. The cutting speed is fast, for example, the speed of cutting thin carbon steel can reach more than 10m / min, the laser cutting has a small heat affected area. The deformation is very small, and the cutting is clean, safe and pollution-free, which greatly improves the working environment of the operator.

For laser cutting, take high-power fiber laser cutting as an example. There are four main types of laser cutting:

In the first category, from the perspective of technology and economy, laser cutting replaces metal sheet metal parts stampe by molds, especially low-carbon steels with complex contour shapes and small batch sizes, generally within 20mm thickness and 10mm thick stainless steel. Typical products are: various electrical cabinets, switch cabinets, elevator structural parts, lift elevator panels, machine tool and food machinery covers, textile machinery parts, construction machinery structural parts, large motor silicon steel sheets, etc.

The second category, workpieces that can hardly be stamped with molds, are mainly used in decoration, advertising, and service industries, such as stainless steel (typical thickness 3mm) or non-metallic materials (typical thickness 20mm) patterns, marks, fonts, etc.

The third category is special parts that require uniform slitting. The most widely used typical parts are die-cut plates for the packaging and printing industry. In addition, lasers can cut organic materials such as plastics (polymers), rubber, wood, paper products, leather, and natural and synthetic fabrics; at the same time, they can cut inorganic materials such as quartz and ceramics; they can also cut new lightweight reinforcing fiber polymers, etc. Composite material.

The fourth category is cutting three-dimensional and three-dimensional workpieces, using three-dimensional laser cutting systems or configuring industrial robots, to cut space curves, such as automobile covers, doors, trunks, etc.

How to buy a laser cutting machine? How to buy a laser cutting machine according to these suggestions.

1.  Fine cutting

When choosing a laser cutting machine, you must also look at their cutting precision, which can basically controlle between 0.1 mm and 0.2 mm.

2. buy a laser cutting machine with Smoothness of cutting surface

In the actual cutting process of the laser cutting machine, the smoothness of the cutting surface is also very important. You need to see if there are some burrs on their cutting surface. Generally speaking, the laser cutting machine has some burrs. Basically, both are determine  the thickness of the cut or the gas use. There are no burrs below three millimeters. The gas has the best effect of nitrogen, and the second is the effect of oxygen. If the air is inside, this effect is also the worst. of. Fiber laser cutting machine has relatively few burrs. It can said that the surface without burrs is very smooth.

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