Boundless Light – XT Laser Malaysia Exhibition, Sharing “New” Opportunities!

From May 31st to June 3rd, the METALTECH&AUTOMEX exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will be officially launched. Since 1995, it has been held once a year and is one of the largest, highest level, most professional, and most influential mechanical processing international trade exhibitions in Malaysia and the entire Southeast Asian region. It has attracted thousands of companies from around the world to participate. XT Laser will make an exciting debut with a 1530G large surround switching station, a handheld fiber optic welding machine, and a desktop marking machine.

1530G large surround laser cutting machine

★ Intelligent operating system, efficient and stable

Combining Industrial Internet, information system platform and operation system management, intelligent technology and equipment integration system; Fully improve production stability, covering numerous applications and services; Realize efficient production with factory intelligence and automated production lines.

★ High pressure cast aluminum crossbeam, stable cutting

The aluminum profile beam formed based on rigid flexible coupling analysis is simulated under actual working conditions, while bearing multi-source loads from the beam’s own acceleration and motor torque. The reasonable layout design has high strength and stability, ensuring long-term high-speed cutting.

★ Fully enclosed protection design, automatic collection of smoke and dust

The closed laser protective glass is designed to prevent the laser from harming people. It is equipped with an automatic smoke collection system based on fluid mechanics. The cutting area is equipped with upward pressure and downward suction to meet the emission standards and is green and environmentally friendly.

Handheld fiber laser welding machine

★ Small size, easy to move

The entire machine is integrated and occupies a small area. The 10M (8M outside) optical cable can achieve long-distance welding, and the bottom universal wheel helps users easily move the machine.

★ Beautiful craftsmanship and easy welding

Breaking through the limitations of the original workbench, it is suitable for various complex welds, and can easily weld any part of the workpiece at any angle. With humanized design and technological upgrades, beautiful welds can be welded.

★ Swinging welding head for easier operation

The swing welding method and adjustable welding spot width have strong welding fault tolerance, making up for the small shortcomings of laser welding, expanding the tolerance range and weld width of the processed parts, and achieving good weld forming effect.

Desktop integrated marking machine

★ Excellent performance and low maintenance cost

Using fiber laser to output laser, with high electro-optical conversion rate, compact size, and good beam quality. The lifespan of fiber lasers is greater than 100000 hours, truly achieving maintenance free and saving you high maintenance costs.

★ Fine processing with high integration

The fiber laser marking machine has a good spot mode, finer single lines, and is suitable for ultra fine processing. It has high system integration and fewer faults, making it truly suitable for the industrial processing field.

★ Wide range of flexible and intelligent applications

Capable of marking with barcodes, text graphics, QR codes, etc; The system can automatically encode and print serial numbers, batch numbers, dates, etc., creating the most exquisite marking effect for you.

In the past few years, Malaysia’s manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and the market size has continued to expand. By introducing laser equipment, it is helpful for industrial manufacturing to further develop towards intelligent manufacturing. XT Laser has advanced its layout and seized the Malaysian market. Over the years, XT Laser has steadily deepened its presence in the Malaysian market, providing full process laser equipment and solutions for the construction of local intelligent factories.

Going global is the unremitting pursuit of XT Laser, and its products have been launched and blossomed in over 160 countries and regions. Guided by the concept of global layout and development, XT Laser has become a practitioner and innovator driving continuous innovation in the laser industry. Seizing the pulse of the times, XT Laser will continue to ignite a new engine for laser development, guided by intelligence, to assist customers in high-quality development.

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