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Best Choice for Ring Marking or Engraving


We have many clients who do jewelry business.Most of them need to mark or engrave on ring. Also we have some clients who only do ring business. Many couples want to mark their name or some import date or pattern on the ring. So jewelers  need to provide customized services to meet customer needs. That’s why they need to buy a fiber laser marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine can mark inside and outside the ring.And you can input any text or pattern then mark on ring with the machine. Also it has a fast speed and permanent effect.Here share you some photos with you.


About the machine model.

We have mini type,desktop type,enclosed type can be chose. You can learn about more information on our website.Here take mini type as example.Mini type is the most popular in jewelry clients. Because it is small and it can save more space and shipping cost.You can even put it in your jewelry shop.Here is the machine photo.

silver ring laser marking machine
silver ring laser marking machine


About the laser power.

If you only want to mark or engrave on ring, 20w or 30w is enough. 20w can do surface marking job while 30w can do a little deep engraving job. And its speed is faster than 20w. 30w also can cut ≤0.7mm silver and gold sheet. So if you have enough budget, we suggest you choose 30w.


About the rotary axis.

If you want to mark on ring, whatever inside or outside of ring. You must need to buy a rotary axis to work with the machine.You can control it in the software and it is very easy to operate.Here is the rotary axis photo for your reference.

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