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The benefits of laser marking machines for packaging marking

Laser marking machines have wide application in packaging industry.

The logo, text, graphics and other contents on the packaging have the mission of anti-counterfeiting and marketing.

The production date, production batch number, supervision code and other information are an important part of the package content.

And the identification method is more and more important.

The use of a laser marking machines to mark the packaging, can greatly improve the texture and grade of the packaging, and increase the added value of the product.

The traditional packaging code is mostly inkjet coding.

And what advantages does the laser marking machine have as an advanced coding device?

1.The benefits of the laser marking machines

At first,Good anti-counterfeiting

As we know,the laser mark is a permanent mark, which is difficult to change.

The font adopts continuous lines and the lines are clear.

People can design the font according to the requirements of the proprietary fonts that are difficult to imitate.

Such as laser marking system (marking security code) and telephone voice query, and its anti-counterfeiting.

And it is even higher.

Secondly, Permanent identification is highly traceable

Traditional markings are easy to wipe off.

And as the traceability requirements of the low-voltage electrical industry increase, people ask permanent marking .

Thirdly,Less environmental pollution

In fact,the ink is not completely non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

Besides,Ink and solvent are highly volatile substances.

And it will produce more chemical and toxic residues.

All of them will pollute the environment and damage the health of workers.

Fourthly, Low operating costs

Besides,the laser marking system of the low-voltage electrical industry is a zero-consumer operation.

It can save a lot of money comparing to the cost of consumables of the traditional marking system.

The laser marking system of the low-voltage electrical industry uses fiber lasers, and the fiber lasers are non-consumable.

What’s more, laser life of up to 100,000 hours, the equipment consumes only 0.5 degrees / hour.

Fifthly,Low equipment failure rate

The laser marking system of the low-voltage electrical industry is a maintenance-free fiber laser.

And the laser is maintenance-free for 100,000 hours.

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