Auto focus fiber laser cutting head:Jill

Auto focus fiber laser cutting head

Auto focus fiber laser cutting head

Auto focus laser cutting head

Firstly,Comparison between the manual laser head and auto focus laser head.

For Manual laser cutting head,if the different thickness,then the focal length will be different.Then you need to adjust the focus,so that means,if you change the different thickness of stainless steel to cut.Then you need adjust the focus for every time,that will waste some time.

And the manual laser cutting head,if cut 5mm and 6mm stainless steel,the cutting time is longer.

For auto-focus laser cutting head,it has a built-in motor drive unit.Which drives the focusing lens through a linear mechanism to change position automatically within 17mm. Customers can set the program to achieve continuous focus that completing the rapid piercing and cutting material with different thickness.

The laser head has focus lens inside it, every focus lens have the focal length.If you find the correct focal length,then the laser power will be the strongest,and the cutting effect will be the best.

For manual laser head,that means,if you change the different thickness of the material,then you need to adjust the height of the laser head to find the correct focal length.And then you need to turn round the focus platform by your hand.

For auto focus laser head,that means,for the first time cutting,you need to find the focus ,then for any future cutting,the laser head will sense the thickness.And the motor move the laser head to up and down,to adjust the height by electric,not by manual.

Auto focus laser cutting head

Usually if your machine laser power is below 1500w,manual laser head is enough.

From 1500w, we will set one auto focus laser head to customers.That will help you to get a fast cutting.

If you also want a auto focus laser head for 1000w,750w and 500w. That is also no problem.

Anyone prefer to a great machine.Only you can undertake the cost.You make the decision.

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