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Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms:Charry

Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms Fiber Laser Engraving on Firearms. That has been a trend in the field of firearms engraving. Today, gun owners continue to want pieces with artistic flair. Engravers are turning to laser engraving systems to do the special work. Fiber Laser Engraving system has improved the capabilities for the firearms industry. […]

How to choose a laser-2-Clara

Last Article we have talked about how to choose the important part of a laser–laser source. And hoping that article is able to offer you some useful information. This time, we are going to talk about the software of laser machines. Brief Introduction of Software used in Laser Machines Nowadays, the laser machines are all […]

How to choose a laser? -1- Clara

In the following articles, we would like to share some key points for choosing the most suitable laser machine. But before that, we need to figure out how the laser machine operates. How to tell the difference on the laser source or laser tube? On beginning to purchase a laser equipment, the first point we […]

Difference between Iron casting and thick plate welding-Wendy

The difference between Iron casting and thick plate welding The importance of machine bed Most customer likes pay attention to stability, when they choose a fiber laser cutting machine. The stability mainly decided by the machine bed. Now there mainly are three machine bed in the market. Iron casting machine bed, thick welding machine bed and […]

What is CO2 laser and how does it work?–Clara

Co2 laser application and more information Recently, more and more clients are looking for Co2 laser marking and cutting machine. Co2 laser still takes a very important part in Industrial laser machinery, especially those who are doing marking and engraving service, DIY gift shops and business starter. CO2 laser is one of the oldest gas […]