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MOPA fiber laser marking machine-3-Clara

In the last article, we talked about the the influence of  power, frequency and pulse on color marking. This time, we are going to tell the focus length effect on colorful marking. The story of MOPA color marking The most direct effect of changing focal length is to change the laser power density. Power density […]

MOPA fiber laser marking machine-2-Clara

In last article, we have noted the differences between Q-switch laser and MOPA laser, today we will continue: Comparison of Marking Application between MOPA Laser and Q – switched. 3. Electronics, semiconductors, ITO hi-precision machining applications In electronics, semiconductors, ITO and other hi-precision machining, fine crossed line application will be used a lot. Q-switched lasers, […]

Today I made a super brass laser cutting machine test for gold and silver cutting fields – Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients doing jewelry business, will choose the fiber laser marking machine. It can cut and mark simultaneously. Only only in cutting stainless steel and carbon steel cutting, fiber laser marking  machine could also cut high reflective materials such as silver. Silver cutting is widely used in Jewelry industry. The cutting effect is quite perfect. […]


XTLASER EMO EXHIBITION IN GERMAN XTLASER EMO EXHIBITION IN GERMAN. We just back from the Hannover exhibition in German,and the good news is all the machine has been sold(total machine value is more than USD60000),and still many orders on site for booking. A great achievement! Sharing the pictures with you: As we known,the Germany technology […]

3D fiber laser marking machine : Charry

3D fiber laser marking machine 3D fiber laser marking machine. Last week,i got one 3D fiber laser marking machine order,and share something with you when you need the 3D machine. 3D fiber laser marking machine is special for marking on curved surface and plane surface.(2D machine just can mark on plane surface). Cause it with dynamic focus system,that […]

Comparison between YAG and Fiber Laser – Jennifer

It is the time to upgrade your marking system. XT LASER, provide rich series products fiber laser marking & cutting machine series. And while you may be initially searching for a YAG laser now, what you’ll find is that you really need a fiber laser system instead. With the advances in the industry, YAG technology has […]