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The application of laser marking machine in keyboard industry

This article is about the application of laser marking machine in keyboard industry.







We have many clients who do computer assembly industry. So most of them need to mark on the keyboards for their clients. Because maybe they need to mark Korean on it today, then they need to mark Japanese tomorrow. Therefor, a laser marking machine is important to them.But how to choose a suitable machine?

Firstly, about the machine model

We have many clients can be chose, but for keyboards marking, we suggest you can choose mini type or desktop type. They are more easy to operate and move.Here is the machine type.

laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine
desktop type laser marking machine

Secondly, about the laser power

Most of our clients who do keyboard marking business bought 50w with 300*300mm F-theta lens.Because they only need to mark the letters part. 300*300mm marking are is ok. But if you have no enough budget, you can suggest 30w laser marking machine, the speed is a little slow than 50w.

Thirdly, about the marking area

If you only need to mark the letters part, 300*300mm in enough(pls tell me the extra marking area if you need to buy the machine). But if you need to mark the whole keyboard and its size is ≥ 300*300mm.Pls tell us the extra size and we will design a device for you.

Fourthly, about the laser type.

Fiber laser and MOPA laser all can mark on keyboards.Just the marking effect is a little different if you need to mark on different plastic material keyboards. So the best solution is that you send us the keyboard to test. But to be honest, Especially when u want to mark white color on black color, mopa laser has the better effect than fiber laser.If u want to use Raycus,the marking effect may be a little with gray or yellow color,instead of white.Acccording to our experience ,30wmopa can achieve a good outcome.

Here share you a video.

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