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Application of Handheld Fiber laser Welding Machine-Ariel

Application of Handheld Fiber laser Welding Machine

This article is about application of handheld fiber laser welding machine.

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Now fiber laser welding machine more and more popular in the market.Especially handheld laser welding machine is most popular.Because it is easy to operate. Now 1kw laser welding machine price has reduced a lot, so it will be a cost-effective if you want to buy handheld laser welding machine.

1. Application material

Fiber laser welding machine can weld all metal materials.Like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and so on.

2.Welding ability

The welding ability depends on its laser power. We have 200w, 400w ,1000w and 1500w can be chose. Most of our clients choose 1000w. Because its price is similar to 400w, but its welding ability and effect will be better. Here is the 1kw laser welding ability.


Then, handheld fiber laser welding machine for optoelectronic communication devices, medical, electronics, batteries, polar ear, fiber optic coupling devices, picture tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone parts, mobile phone vibration motors, watch precision parts, automotive steel sheets, optical communication industry , precision welding of copper parts, aluminum parts, etc.

◆Then, the welding spot has a uniform energy distribution and has the high-quality spot required for welding;
◆Applicable to all kinds of complex welds, welding of various devices, and welds of thin plates within 5mm, flexible welding;
◆Then, using imported ceramic concentrating cavity in the UK, it is corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant and has a long service life;
◆Flexible and convenient welding, up to three meters of fiber, optional 5 meters of fiber;
◆Then, especially advantageous for large workpiece welding.

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