Application and precautions of metal sheet laser cutting machine

XT Laser – Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

The sheet metal laser cutting machine is a fiber optic laser cutting machine specifically used for cutting sheets. The sheet metal laser cutting machine can cut both metal and non-metallic sheets. We mainly introduce the metal sheet laser cutting machine, which is suitable for cutting metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, titanium alloy, etc.

Characteristics of laser cutting machines for sheet metal

Plate laser cutting machine is a high-tech product that combines CNC technology and laser technology. It is an advanced cutting equipment in the metal processing industry. During the processing, it does not require mold opening or adjustment of the light path. As long as the pattern to be cut is designed on the computer and the cutting button is pressed, the workpiece to be cut can be easily cut. Moreover, the cutting surface is very smooth without any burrs, and it is driven by bilateral racks to reduce jamming and ensure smooth operation; Equipped with a user-friendly operating system, simple training can help you master the operation of the machine; Simple operation and easy training to master; With these advantages and characteristics, it is highly favored by metal sheet metal processing manufacturers.

Precautions for laser cutting of sheet metal

When cutting plates, the advantage of laser cutting machine equipment lies in cutting medium and thin plates of 25mm and below. When cutting plates, all that needs to be done is perforation. As the thickness of the plate increases, the difficulty and time of perforation will correspondingly increase. How to improve the cutting effect during the cutting process is something we need to explore.

1、 Add leads and reserve perforation positions

When cutting workpieces, in order to achieve better cutting results, we usually choose to add cutting leads around the workpiece to avoid the marks left by perforation and achieve better cutting results. This method is generally applicable except for flying cutting mode.

2、 Perforate the entire piece first, clean the surface after perforation, and then cut it

When encountering thicker plates, the impact of perforation is relatively large. During perforation, the surface of the plate is prone to metal slag formation. If not cleaned in a timely manner, it can directly cause damage to the laser head. Therefore, when cutting thicker plates, collective perforation can be used first, and all the holes required for cutting this component can be pierced in one go. After the perforation is completed, the machine is suspended to treat the slag caused by perforation, and then the normal cutting process can be carried out, Can achieve satisfactory results.

3、 Specific material analysis

When cutting different materials, the cutting power will also vary, especially when cutting high reflective materials such as aluminum and copper. Improper operation can cause direct damage to the laser. In uncertain situations, you can consult our after-sales engineers.

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