Application and advantages of sheet laser cutting machine

The sheet laser cutting machine is widely used in advertising signs, metal electrical cabinets, mechanical parts, kitchen utensils, automobiles, machinery, elevators, electrical parts, springs, rail transit and other industries. The wide application of sheet metal optical fiber laser cutting machine has completed the technological revolution of metal material processing, and has set off a boom in the global traditional industrial manufacturing industry. The birth of sheet metal laser cutting machine has accelerated the progress of science and technology and improved the level of metal manufacturing and processing technology.

Laser cutting machine has greatly improved the efficiency of sheet metal processing in the sheet metal processing industry. The laser cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting accuracy, and is suitable for cutting precision parts, various process words and pictures. Cutting speed is 100 times faster than wire cutting. It has the advantages of small area, stable performance, continuous production, no deformation, smooth slit, beautiful appearance, no post-treatment, etc. Compared with CNC punch press, laser cutting machine can complete all kinds of complex graphics and images, and can easily complete all kinds of complex graphics processing. There is no need to open the mold, just draw a picture on the computer, and the product can come out immediately, which greatly saves human and material costs. For customers with complex processing requirements, CNC punch is difficult to achieve, and laser cutting machine can usually achieve. In addition, the cutting surface of the laser cutting machine is very smooth, and it is difficult to achieve the numerical control punch.

At present, with the increasingly fierce competition in the laser processing industry, how to improve the speed and reduce the cost has become the focus of most users. I believe that many people are concerned about the cutting effect of the optical fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal. With the advantages of fast cutting speed, small material deformation and high processing accuracy, the sheet metal laser cutting machine has rapidly become the mainstream of the market. It can not only cut the sheet metal, but also with the application of high-power laser, the laser processing efficiency has been greatly improved, and the medium and thick plate cutting technology is also constantly breaking through. What are the advantages of sheet laser cutting machine? Advantages of laser cutting machine for cutting carbon steel plate:

A. Good cutting quality, good cutting quality, small cutting seam, small deformation, smooth, smooth and beautiful cutting surface, no need for follow-up treatment;

B. Fast cutting speed; Continuous and fast curve cutting function and processing path optimization function greatly improve work efficiency;

C. High stability, stable equipment output power, long laser service life and simple maintenance;

D. Powerful software functions; It can design all kinds of pictures and texts for instant processing at will, with flexible work, high efficiency and simple and convenient mechanical operation.

The laser cutting machine for sheet metal has great advantages. For carbon steel processing, we need to ensure the accuracy of products, especially some hardware components, because they are mostly used in automobiles, ships, accurate accessories and household appliances. The second is the cost saving and efficiency improvement of fiber laser cutting machine. Nowadays, with the increasing shortage of labor, automatic production has gradually become the mainstream of the processing industry. Therefore, laser equipment such as sheet laser cutting machine, which can save labor but speed up, is bound to become the focus of the market.

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