Using fiber laser cutting machine five major skills- Catherine

Using fiber laser cutting machine five major skills

As a high precision cutting equipment, the fiber laser cutting machine is not easy to maintain in the process of use. The following is to sum up using fiber laser cutting machine fiber major skills. Share with you and hope to help you.

1. Regularly check the cutting head of fiber laser cutting machine.

Because the laser cutting head is a kind of easily worn articles. If it is used for a long time, it will lead to the damage of laser cutting head. Therefore, we must check regularly and replace it in time.

2. Often check the fiber laser cutting machine steel strip.

To ensure that the steel belt is in a tight state, or in the process of operation, it is easy to appear problems. The steel strip seems to be common, the problem is still a bit serious, and even the people will be injured.

3. Always clean up the guide rail of the optical fiber laser cutting machine.

Eliminate the dust and other sundries; the rack should be often wiped and lubricated, so as to ensure the lubrication without sundries. Only regular maintenance, the machine can be more accurate in the operation of cutting, cutting out the effect will be good.

4. The dust and dirt in the machine are sucked out by vacuum cleaner once a week.

All electric cabinet should be strictly dustproof. Because too much dust is easy to affect the normal operation of the machine and affect the cutting precision.
5. The straightness of the track of the fiber laser cutting machine and the perpendicularity of the machine are checked every half year.

And the problem is found and debugged in time. If a problem is not found in time, it may cause bad cutting effect and increase the error, which directly affects the quality of cutting. Therefore, we must pay attention to this problem.