After-sale service of XTLASER-Yan

XTLASER,a professional customized laser industrial application solution provider.A perfect product quality monitoring and after-sale guarantee system provide the high-end quality and professional service of the product, so we export to more than 120 countries and regions including India, certain country, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

First,Equipment (except for quick wearing parts such as conductive fiber, lens and other consumables, non-resistance natural disasters, war and illegal operations, man-made sabotage, etc.) The warranty period is two years,the warranty period starts from the date of your company’s receipt.

Second,Free technical consultation, software upgrade and other services. Provide technical support services at any time to handle abnormal situations of the machine

Third,XTLASER will conduct several visits to all users every year and provide technical support services at any time. Party B is responsible for providing related spare parts to Party A for a long time.

At last,After-sales service response time is 30 minute. Received the user’s repair call, the after-sales engineer has a clear reply within 24 hours.

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