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Advantages of fiber laser

Fiber laser advantages: small volume. Low energy consumption. Long life. High stability. Maintenance free. Multi band. Green environmental protection, etc. It has won the affirmation of many laser industry insiders for its superior beam quality, stable performance and ultra-high photoelectric conversion efficiency.It sets a new standard for laser processing industry with its ultra-high reliability, excellent beam quality and low operating cost.

Below are main advantages of fiber laser

1.Firstly, Large power fiber lasers are all double clad fibers. When the pump light hits the cladding. The energy is absorb and then partially converted into laser. Therefore, the cladding material and structure have a great influence on the fiber lasers. At present, various shapes of fibers have been developed in various countries. Including round, D-shaped, rectangular, unstable cavity, quincunx, square, plane thread, etc.

2. Secondly,Without thermoelectric cooler, this kind of high-power wide area multimode diode can work at very high temperature with simple air cooling and low cost.

3. The active cladding fiber in the high power fiber laser is doped with ER / Yb rare earth elements. And has a wide and flat optical absorption region. Therefore, the pump diode does not need any type of wavelength stabilization device.

4. High efficiency. The pump light passes through the single-mode fiber core many times. So its utilization is high.

5. Reliability. Side pump is directly weld and couple with branched fiber. On the one hand, there is no need for any optical elements; on the other hand, it can avoid damaging the end face of the fiber; it is easy to improve the injection efficiency of the pump source. Novel centipede type side pump mode: there are many fiber branches on both sides of the fiber, which are directly fused with the LD tail fiber, a single pump from different points can avoid the nonlinear effect and mode deterioration caused by a single point of intense laser.Several high power single LD transistors are used instead of LD integrated array as pump source, A mode for improving the light source,

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