What are the advantages of laser cutting machines than others?-Shelly

What are the advantages of laser cutting machines than others?

What are the advantages of laser cutting machines than others?

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Will the emergence of metal laser cutting machines eventually replace CNC punch presses?

In the field of traditional sheet metal processing, CNC punching machines occupy an important position in the processing technology. In the past, this machines have won praises from consumers for their advantages of automation and intelligence.

And characteristics as follows. Firstly, the precision is relatively high, and the quality is stable. Followed by the high degree of automation of the CNC punching machine, saving human resources.

However, looking at the modern sheet metal processing market. And consumer demand is increasingly diverse, and CNC punch presses often require special molds. When faced with a wide variety of sheet metal processing, CNC punch presses often appear to be incapable. Moreover, the CNC punching machine has higher requirements on the quality of the operators, and it is difficult to master after simple training.

What are the advantages of metal laser cutting machines? Although the precision of the CNC punching machine is relatively high, when we pick up the sheet metal parts for comparison. It is obvious that there are many burrs on the edge of the sheet metal part of the punching machine, which still belong to the “roughing”. Sheet metal parts with smooth edges, no need for secondary processing in one molding, and higher precision.

The laser cutting machine is more intelligent, and as long as the drawing can be made on the computer, the processing can be realized, saving the time and cost of mold opening.