The difference between Q swtiched laser source and mopa laser source?-XTLASER-Eliza

The difference between Q swtiched laser source and mopa laser source?-XTLASER-Eliza

Q swtiched laser source and mopa laser source

Nowdays it seems mopa laser is becoming more and more popular, so are you really need a mopa laser? Today let’s find out what is the differences between Q switched laser source and mopa laser source. Q swtiched laser source and mopa laser source

Q switched laser source means pulse width is fixed, and cannot adjust.

Mopa laser means adjustable pulse width.

But mopa laser wavelength also is 1064nm, it is also belong to fiber laser, just one series of fiber laser. We can tell mopa laser or not from the laser source lable and laser source model number. Raycus, JPT and IPG laser source all has mopa laser source. If that is mopa laser, you are easy to find letter “M” on laser source lable or model. If your fiber laser with mopa laser source, your software also is a little different than others.


Mopa laser software page:


Back to our question, do you need a mopa laser or Q switched laser? First, let’s check mopa laser advantanges:
1. First, Marking colors on stainless steel.

MOPA laser pulse width can be adjusted, and frequency range is wide than Q switched laser source. So it is a little easier to get color marking parameters on stainless steel material. But it also needs time. Because we cannot damage the stainless steel surface if we want to get colors. It means the power cannot too stronger.  So the marking colors speed is lower. If you only want to get colors on stainless steel, you only need to buy 20w mopa pulse 175x175mm working area.

High power is not perfect to get colors. Most of sellers only use color marking sample to attract customer’s attention. You need to consider clearly what is your demand? Generally speaking, Q switched laser source also can marking colors on stainless steel, just like we said the pulse width is fixed, the parameters are not easy to get.


2. Second, Marking black color on anodized Aluminum.


The typical case is iphone/Huawei housing engraving. If you want to engrave exact same black color as original iphone housing, you need one set mopa laser. You needn’t hesitiation on this point. Q switched laser source cannot get same black color.


3. Third, Marking some plastic with smooth results.

Plastic is complex material. Some customers want to engrave on PVC card, sometimes we can get a good result with mopa laser; but sometimes not. If you have such demand, you have to test your material first. Because fiber laser is very sensitive on material. If we feel material is same from our eyes, that may not same. The best way is to test. Maybe it will take long time to post material and test, but it is the safe way.


The last question: if i want to do deep engraving, can I choose mopa laser? Yes, if you want to deep engraving, you’d better choose 60w mopa and above power. Now we list the single pulse energy for your reference:


50W Raycus 1.0mj

50W JPT LP 1.25mj

60W mopa M7 1.5mj

80w mopa M7 2.0mj

100w mopa M7 1.5mj


Hope above infomation help u to make the right choice. If you have any other questions, pls let us know.

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