Adapt to technology changes in the wedding photography industry-Bunny

Photographers use to adapting to technology. Whether with more portable equipment that allows them to more easily access engagement photo sessions in remote locations. Or high-resolution phone cameras that transforme weddings into paparazzi-type competitions to get the best image. Photography change with years and photographers have found ways to adapt. Some technologies have more beneficial than others. But one that begun to emerge and changing the way photographers view mixed media and photography is the additional element of laser engraving to many of the wedding packages that photographers offer .

The ability to differentiate your services essential to be able to stand out effectively in this competitive market. If you look at most wedding photography packages, you will see that they offer a fairly similar selection of options: the number of photographers at the event, hours of coverage, access to an online gallery, etc. But the list quite standard. When a couple talks with three photographers and everyone takes beautiful pictures, they must find a way to stand out without having to ask for a lower price for their work. Some photographers differentiate their services by creating their own wedding niche, for example, specializing in urban weddings. Others stand out by offering unique after-wedding services. Such as albums and photo boxes. But what really unique services can you offer?

An idea that begun to gain momentum the addition of laser-engraved wedding photos that constitute a truly spectacular piece in the couple’s home. Wood, marble, metal and acrylics work very well with photo engraving. Whether you add a photo to a finished piece, such as a wine box, or if you record an independent image for the mantle. Laser engraving produces a unique look that you cannot easily find elsewhere.

What kind of photography is a good candidate for engraving?

While recorded photos are exceptionally popular, engravers sometimes have difficulty achieving the desired look in the material they are working with. Before recording wedding photos, or any photograph in general, it is important to understand how the process works.

The first thing to keep in mind is that not ALL photos recorde well. So what kind of photo is ideal for engraving?

Tint: Make sure the photo has a wide variety of colors, from light to dark. A single color photo with a lot of sky will not generate much visual interest once recorded, nor will one with large dark areas, like a couple posing in the shade. Although it may seem attractive in print format, you will lose a great deal of detail in the engraving.

Foreground: The composition of the photo is an integral part of the quality of the engraving. The most spectacular prints are usually from the couple in the foreground. The engagement photo of the couple holding hands in the meadow looks very artistic, but its details lost if it engrave on wood.

Why is a photographer the ideal professional to make prints?

Laser engraving systems may seem intimidating equipment that requires hours of programming and takes up considerable space in your workshop or office, but the fact is that laser systems evolve to the point where they basically work just like a printer, and not They are much bigger than one either. Using the laser system is really as simple as putting your digital photo in your preferred design program and printing it with the laser.

Own engraving or outsourcing of the engraving of your photos

There are two options to add laser engraving capabilities to your company: you can outsource the engraving as a service. Or you can invest in a small format laser system. Each option is advantages and disadvantages that should consider.

If you choose to outsource the laser engraving service. The initial cost of adding the service low because you do not need to purchase your own equipment. That is the real advantage for photographers who want to add custom engraving. But do not want to invest in a laser system. There are many owners of laser systems with vast experience in the engraving of various materials. And willing to start recording as soon as you have a photo ready.

A huge advantage of owning your own laser system is that you can program your own engraving time. Laser engraving services are usually a very cyclical business with very active periods that coincide with the seasons when weddings increase. It is very easy to find yourself at the mercy of the availability of service dates. Which will affect your delivery time for a personalized engraving. On the other hand, owning your own laser system allows you to test photos on waste materials before making the final engraving. And thus find the best photograph for engraving.