2D and 3D fiber laser engraving machine:Claudia

2D and 3D fiber laser engraving machine

2D and 3D fiber laser engraving machine

1.2D laser head,SINO brand:

As i shown to you,we use the model of SG7110,you are looking for this model on SINO website,and did not find it out.

After the phone call,i also checked the website,the same result,and i made a phone call to them.

For the technology data,what i shown to you is correct,check again as below:

Working Temperature: 0℃-45℃
Linearity: 99.9%
Setting Time: ≤0.5ms
Scale Drift: <40PPM/℃
Zero Drift: <15μRad./℃
Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours: <0.5mRad
RMS Current: 2.0A
Peak Current: 15A
Maximum Scan Angle: ±15°
Storage Temperature: -10 to +60℃
Resolution: 12μrad
Repeatability: 8μrad
Input Aperture: 10.0mm
Beam Displacement: 13.4mm
Weight: 120g
We are an honest factory,do not like other trading companies to cheat customers,you do not worry about that.

For 2D and 3D fiber laser engraving machine


2.For Software and control board:

2D machine,we use EZCAD software and control board.For now,its the best in China,and easy to operate.
3D machine,we use Feeltek Lensmark-3Ds software and control board,its the best in 3D field.

And there is no any relations between the software and lens area.
Only before your order confirmation,tell me what is your marking area ,then we will set the suitable lens to you.

3.For 2D and 3D machine quotation list:

For 2D machine,there with 20w,30w and 50w laser power,the marking area,usually you can choose 100*100mm,175*175mm,200*200mm,300*300mm. The price is the same.

And usually,for 20w,we just recommend you to choose 100*100mm,175*175mm.
For 30w,can up to 200*200mm,for 50w,can up to 300*300mm

Cause the same laser power,the lens is larger,the laser will be weaker.

For 3D machine,there also 20w,30w and 50w.
Area you can choose 100*100,200*200,300*300,400*400,500*500,600*600mm.

But usually,customers just use 100*100mm to do engraving,like coins making,mould making,or curved surface making.

If you need more details of fiber laser marking machine,just contact us.

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