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How to deal with laser cutting machine smoke

How to deal with laser cutting machine smoke?

Using a laser cutting machine to cut metal plates will definitely produce smoke and dust. They will float in the air, seriously reducing air quality and destroying the working environment. High concentrations of smoke and dust are also extremely harmful to workers working in it, often causing serious diseases such as respiratory diseases.
How to deal with the smoke generated by the laser cutting machine, what is the best and most effective way to deal with the smoke?
At present, the commonly used laser cutting dust removal methods are mainly divided into two types: dry and wet. The dry type is to add a set of laser cutting dust collection and purification equipment, and the wet type is to place the cutting process on the water to form a water bed cutting platform, which uses the power of the water flow to absorb dust and purify it. After a comprehensive comparison of the two methods, the dry treatment method, especially the blowing and cutting fume purification system, is the most popular in the factory because it is the most convenient to install and the most convenient to use. The smoke generated by laser cutting is concentrated under the cut of the workpiece. Therefore, the present invention is provided with an air suction port under the worktable. The lower part of the worktable is divided into uniform small suction areas, and the generated smoke can be collected by suction In the small cutting area.

One side of the cutting fume purification system platform is also provided with a sliding suction duct, the sliding suction duct is provided with a suction port that can move with the cutting head, and the opposite side is also provided with a blowing port. When soot is produced, the wind from the blowing port blows the soot toward the suction port, thereby achieving a trapping effect with a small air volume and a high soot collection rate.

The collected cutting dust will be evenly transported to the dust removal host for filtering treatment. The installed filter cartridge will intercept dust larger than 0.3μm, thereby completing the purification process of cutting dust. This kind of blowing dust removal equipment has a processing efficiency of more than 90% for laser cutting dust, and the effect is very obvious. Because of its simple installation and low cost, it has become the most popular dust removal method for laser cutting.

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