Warranty of fiber laser marking machine:Claudia

Warranty of fiber laser marking machine

Warranty of fiber laser marking machine.

It is necessary to know more about machine before purchasing,let me help you.

1.After how many hours of work and time it takes to perform replacement of laser that is spent on the machine 30w and what it costs to refill?

Maybe you do not know about fiber laser marking machine.

For fiber laser marking machine,the most important part is the laser source,the laser source life time is 100000hours.

Thats why after 100000hours,the machine can not work any more,but the other parts still good,can go on using.You only need to change one new laser source.

2.What is your guarantee that the machine in case of failure? And how do you guarantee that it will work 100,000 hours, because it is about 11 years of continuous operation?

our machine have 2 years warranty,if any parts break down(not caused the human forced),we will ehlp you to change a new one free.

And we have after sales department,it is to support you when customers get the machine,5 online engineers.
For fiber laser marking machine,it is a simple machine,usually customers do not need any support,but sometimes they also have difficulty, online engineers is enough for customers.

Online way include the whatsapp,skype,wechat talking,video talking,phone call,remote control,emails.

100000hours is tested by the laser source supplliers, all of the fiber laser source have the same life time.

3.And if you can explain what is changing on the machine after 100,000 hours of work?

No changing on machine,just the laser source life time is over.
There is one chemical material in the laser source,and after some reaction with electric,the laser come out,when the internal chemical material use out,then the laser source also finish life time.

Fiber laser marking machine working capacity:

All of metals,some plastic,can do marking and engraving on metals,plastic can not do engraving with depth.

For brass,silver,gold,it can cut it,usually jewelry customers need our 30w or 50w machine to cut name necklace,etc.

If you want to know more about fiber laser marking machine,contact us.



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