Focus on laser cutting machine laser source:Claudia

Focus on laser cutting machine laser source.

Focus on laser cutting machine laser source.

Single-mode and multi-mode beam quality comparison.
In the cutting application, the focused spot has a great influence on the quality of the cut. The core of the single-mode laser is relatively thin and the beam quality is better than multimode. The energy distribution is Gaussian andthe intermediate energy density is the highest and the three-dimensional map is a sharp circle like the shape of the mountain.

The core of a multimode laser is coarser than that of a single mode. The energy distribution is smaller than that of a single mode. The three-dimensional image is an average of a single-mode spot. The three-dimensional image is an inverted cup. From the edge steepness, the multimode ratio is steep, comparing to the single mode.

Comparison of 1.5KW single mode and 1.5KW multimode laser with the same power.

1mm thin plate cutting speed single mode is 20% higher than multi mode. And the visual effect is similar. But from 2mm, the speed advantage is gradually reduced. Starting from 3mm, the speed and effect of high power multi mode laser are very obvious.

Therefore, the advantage of single mode is thin plate and the advantage of multi mode is thick plate. Single mode and multi mode are not worth comparing each other. They are all a configuration of fiber laser. Just like a car, the car is suitable for highway. And the off-road is suitable for mountainous. However, the car can also run on the mountain, and the off-road can also run on the road. Therefore, in the end, the choice of multi-mode or single-mode fiber laser depends on the processing needs of the actual end customer.

According to the market development,IPG and Raycus both have single and multi mode laser source,when there is a large differences on machine cost,pls check if the suppliers use same mode.

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