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Is the laser cutting machine harmful to the human body?

With the continuous development of science and technology, the application of lasers in of life becoming wider and wider.

Many people who have just come into contact with the laser industry will have this question in their hearts. Will a high-tech laser such as laser cause potential harm to the human body? Especially for large equipment like laser cutting machine, will it affect the health of the user? It’s true that the editor had such doubts when I first joined the company, and now the doubts solved.
From a fundamental level, laser cutting machines are generally harmless to the human body. With the development of modern technology, the manufacture of laser equipment is in compliance with international safety protection standards, and the production process is safe and environmentally friendly and will not cause harm to the human body.
Although the laser cutting machine does not cause any harm to the human body in essence, if it is used improperly during use, it may cause certain damage to the human body:

1. Eye damage

Many people often like to stare at the cutting head when they come into contact with a laser cutting machine. If they stare at the sparks produced by cutting for a long time, it will cause damage to the eyes and cause a tingling sensation.

2. Skin damage

When the laser is irradiated to the skin, if its energy (power) is too large, it can cause skin damage. If the skin is irradiated for a long time, it may cause burns and scars.

3. Respiratory system injury

When laser processing some special metal materials, the high temperature generated by the laser will combine with gas and produce a large amount of dust, and most of these fumes contain a large amount of chemical components, and the dust will also be suspended in the air. Careless inhalation can cause damage to the human respiratory system. .

How can we avoid these injuries?

1. Strictly abide by the laser cutting machine operating specifications and do not violate the regulations.
2. Prepare necessary protective equipment for the laser cutting machine, wear protective glasses to prevent laser damage to human eyes, and other people in the work area should not look directly at the laser during cutting.
3. Corresponding dust removal devices should be equipped, and try to operate in a smooth air environment, and wear masks.
4. Operators should pay attention to eating carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other foods rich in vitamin AC and protein, which can better protect the eyes.
5. Do not touch the cut parts immediately after processing to avoid burns due to residual temperature.
6. Since the laser beam is an invisible beam, do not touch the light path during use to avoid damage to the body.

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