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Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance in summer

Fiber laser cutting machine maintenance in summer.

With the hot summer coming, the temperature is getting higher and higher, the laser cutting machine will face this new problem in the long-term work,especially in the high temperature area,the maintenance and maintenance of the laser cutting machine.

What are you paying attention to?

1. Change the pure water once a week.

When the water temperature is above 40 degrees,change the pure water.

Otherwise the laser source will work in a higher temperature,will influence the life time.

2, should pay attention to the cooling water temperature does not differ too much from the air temperature.

Because laser cutting laser and optical lens is to use water to cool.

We recommend the majority of laser cutting users set the water temperature to 30-32 degrees, control the cooling water temperature and The temperature difference at room temperature is greater than 7 degrees.

3, the summer temperature rises, the working pressure of the cooling system of the laser cutting machine increases. We recommend checking the internal pressure of the cooling machine before the high temperature comes.

And the equipment pressure of different manufacturers is not the same,so before maintenance Consult the equipment manufacturer specific parameters.

4, in summer, due to the higher temperature, the deterioration rate of cooling water will also speed up. we recommend users of laser cutting machines use regular distilled water or pure water, and regularly clean the scale to avoid causing the scale of laser and pipe to affect the laser power.

Different types of laser The method of cleaning the scale of the cutting machine is also different.

5Because the dust of the metal laser cutting machine is mainly metal powder, it is recommended to regularly clean the dust in the electrical cabinet of the laser cutting machine and check the working condition of the cooling fan.

If you have the fiber laser cutting machine,pls take care of it,he will bring you more profit.


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