Common Questions of Fiber laser Marking machine-Jewelry Industry-Ivy

Common Questions of Fiber laser Marking machine-Jewelry Industry

1.Does it have ring / bangle attachment to engrave inner and outer ring?

yes ,we have special rotary device for both ring and bangle.
It could mark both inside&outside rings.’s open? Is that safe for the eyes and hands as the person is putting his hands near the laser lol

The model we introduce is open model.
In fact we have sold many sets to Europe market, it is no problem.
We will equip with the google glass to protect the eyes from the laser.
And fiber laser belongs to low power, which is different from the fiber laser cutting.
So pls do not worry to much about it.

3.How many mm can the laser cut? For metals, silver etc

50w could cut max 1.2mm silver and 1.5mm gold

4.How many MM deep can it engrave?

For the depth, it is related to the machine power, the pic size and the time using.
For 50w power, it is very east to show the depth due to the high power.
The longer the time, the depper the materials.

5.Also does your software work with Mac

Our software cannot work with Mac, just Windows.
We will equip with the laptop, which is included in the machine price.
Pls do not worry for it. it UK pin plug?

We will help equip with the UK standard plug,when u receive the machine, just need open it and connect  with the electricity, then u can use it.
Very easy to operate.

7.Support is really important to me.. is it free ? Online based chat

Yes, all training is free, we could help u use the machine with video call, teamviewer, phone call, wechat etc.
We have 3 online engineer who can teach u how to use it face to face in anytime.
So pls do not worry for it, besides the good quality machine, we also provide with u sweet service.

8.What’s the timing like .. I hope it doesn’t take toooo long

For deep engraving, if u want good outcome, it does need time.
About engraving depth, it need multiple layers for marking , that means there are two layers, one layer parameter is Higher laser power, slower speed, this layer is for engraving depth.
Another layer parameter is Lower laser power, faster speed, this layer is for removing the dust, so you can see it is white color in the photo.

9. what size is the working area? Including depth

The max working area is 300*300mm, besides we also have 100*100/200*200/150*150/75*75mm lens for ur choice.
If do cutting and deep engraving job, need at most 100*100mm lens.
The larger of the lens, the slower of the speed.
300*300mm lens is the slowest speed.

10.What’s the max lens used for? Laser marking photos? .. as I was wondering whether I can make acrylic night lights

Max lens is 300*300mm size.
Fiber is mainly for metal marking, if u want to mark some nonmetal materials, such as acrylic, need co2 laser engraving machine.

11.I’m scared about machine falling apart.. how will I get new lens etc

There is no consumables on the machine, that is also its advantages.
If u worry about the lens, u could buy another one as backup, which values 200usd.

12.what about for ventilation?

For the customer from jewelry industry,we usually introduce the smoke exhaust, it could extract the smoke.
So that there would not be occur too much smoke when the machine working.
It has filter in the equipment, the fumes will not go outside.

13.Can fiber laser mark glass?

It cannot, if u mark, it will explode, very dangerous

14.If I go over the material a few times would the engraving be deeper?

Yes, it would

15.Also does the software have any good fonts? What file type is it?

Yes it has own fonts, the file type is DXF,  u could make it with PS ,COREDRAW , Adobe illustrator etc.

16.and what about noise level?

There would be soud when the machine marking, but it will not too louder.

17.How do I use the smoke exhaust?

Just connect with the machine, we will also equip with the UK standard plug for u.
very easy to operate.

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