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The auxiliary gases for fiber laser cutting

The auxiliary gases for fiber laser cutting.

1, oxygen

Mainly used in laser cutting machine to cut carbon steel. While the oxygen reaction heat is to increase the cutting efficiency, the resulting oxide film increases the beam spectral absorption factor of the reflective material. The end of the slit is black or dark yellow. Mainly used for rolling steel, rolled steel for welding structure, carbon steel for mechanical construction, high tension plate, tool plate, stainless steel, plated steel, copper, copper alloy, etc.

2, nitrogen

Some metals use oxygen to form an oxide film on the cutting surface when cutting. Nitrogen can prevent oxidation-free cutting of the oxide film. The non-oxidized cutting surface has the characteristics of being directly welded, smeared, and highly resistant to corrosion. The end face of the slit is whitish. The main applicable plates are stainless steel, plate steel, brass, aluminum, aluminum alloy, etc.

3, the air

Air can be directly from the air compressor, so it is very cheap than other gases. Although the air contains about 20% oxygen, the cutting efficiency is far less than that of oxygen, and the cutting ability is similar to that of nitrogen. A trace oxide film appears on the cut surface, but it can measure to prevent the coating layer from falling off. The end of the incision is yellow. The main materials are aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless copper, brass, plated steel, non-metal and so on.

So if you want to use fiber laser cutting machine,need prepare the gas.

Usually customers will contact their local suppliers.Some countries,the Nitrogen is a little expensive,some is cheap.

If do not need a higher cutting quality,also can use air.

If by Nitrogen ,the cutting quality is 10,by air is 8,not so bad.

The auxiliary gases for fiber laser cutting

Finally,if need know more about fiber laser cutting machine,contact us.

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