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settings parameters for fiber laser marking machine-Ivy

settings parameters for fiber laser marking machine

Simply drag the tag settings object over the tagged objects that require these tag settings.

The software will process the laser marking sequence in order to set the marking settings.

Then mark the following objects under these settings until you encounter different markup setup tools


This specifies the percentage of laser power level.

Usually it is a trade-off between speed and power.

If the marker is too radical at full power, try to increase the speed before reducing the power to determine whether cycle time improvements can be achieved.


The Speed attribute represents the vector velocity of the laser beam as it marks an object in millimeters per second.

Using slow speed will create a laser marker with a clear depth.

If the velocity is too high, the laser beam has no effect on the material.


The frequency (Hz) attribute represents the Q-switching frequency of the laser pulse during the marking period.

Changing this frequency produces different marking effects.

This parameter is used to adjust the laser output frequency by directly operating Q switch.

Q-switch is an electro-optic system, which can control the opacity of the lens and thus change the frequency of the laser beam.

Lower frequencies will produce “spot” sculpture, while higher frequencies will allow “line” sculpture.

The frequency is inversely proportional to the laser beam power, that is, if the frequency is too high, the power may not be effective for the marking process.