Preventing laser condensation in summer !–Winnie

Preventing laser condensation in summer !

The harsh weather in summer not only tests people, but also tests the machine. The high temperature and high humidity climate may cause condensation inside the laser and affect the normal use of the laser.
In simple terms, condensation is an objective physical phenomenon. It is easy to see this physical phenomenon in our normal life, especially in the hot summer. For example, in the south, the wall inside the house will appear similar. The phenomenon of “sweating”; the condensation of water on the outer wall of a water pipe at home or in a public area.


Failures due to condensation are not covered by normal warranty.
If the laser is installed in an air-conditioned room and can maintain continuous and stable operation of the air conditioner (including evening), the temperature and humidity in the air-conditioned room are lower than 27 ° C and 50%, respectively, which will effectively prevent condensation of electronic or optical components inside the laser. Thereby improving the reliability and service life of the laser.
If it is not possible to install an air-conditioned room for the laser due to conditions, anti-condensation measures should be strengthened. Usually, the effect of condensation on the laser requires a certain process. There are some easy-to-discovery signs in the early stage of internal condensation. For example, the exposed surface of the externally exposed cooling water pipe will first show condensation and will spread after a while. To the inside of the laser.

Condensation may also occur when the device is turned off, when not in use:

1.Firstly,  Turn off the laser AC power (not just the key switch). Otherwise, the internal standby power supply will work all the time and may be overheated. A power alarm will occur the next time the power is turned on.
2. Secondly, Turn off the water cooler so that the temperature of the laser body will be close to the ambient temperature and there will be no condensation.
Recommendation: The laser is separated from the cutting head by water cooling. The laser is low temperature all the way, about 21 degrees. The cutting head and the fiber are all cooled by external water, about 30 degrees (depending on temperature and humidity values). It is recommended to preheat 30-40mins before starting to avoid condensation.


What if the laser produces condensation?
1. Wipe the condensate on the laser casing clean;
2. Cooling and dehumidifying the environment to within the required area.

3. The humidity alarm is eliminated and it can work normally.